ATS 25th Anniversary Celebrations

The ATS has reached an amazing milestone this year with our 25th anniversary as a trauma society. In 1997 a group of committed, dedicated trauma clinicians combined their collective vision, enthusiasm, and drive to commence the Australasian Trauma Society. The society was set up as a bi-national, multidisciplinary trauma society, representing clinicians across the spectrum of trauma. As we prepare to celebrate 25 years of the ATS, we owe a special depth of gratitude to these pioneers who dreamt big and delivered a society for all members of the trauma community across New Zealand and Australia, to enjoy for many years to come. Our 25th anniversary working group is busily preparing activities to celebrate this milestone and these will be centered around the Trauma 2022 conference and the Gala Dinner, in Brisbane. The theme for our celebrations will focus on, acknowledging the past, delivering in the present and preparing for the future.