About the Australian & New Zealand Trauma Society

History of the ANZTS

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Australian & New Zealand Trauma Society:

More about the ANZTS

The ANZTS is the only multidisciplinary trauma society in Australia and New Zealand. It brings together those who are treating, researching and teaching in traumatic injury as well as those wanting to learn more with the aim to provide the highest standard of trauma care in Australia and New Zealand.

The diversity of members and their vast experience is a great forum for building improvements in injury management across Australia and New Zealand. The society commenced in 1997 and has grown from a small group to a ever increasing membership.

ANZTS & ANZAST Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

In September 2012, an MOU was established between the Australian & New Zealand Trauma Society, (ANZTS ) and Australian & New Zealand Association of Surgeons of Trauma (ANZAST). The ANZTS was formed to bring together those with a special interest in the care of the injured patient to promote the highest standard of patient care, education, organisation and research in the field of accidental injury. It has a broad membership base reaching out to all clinicians involved in care of the injured.

ANZAST had been formed to oversee post surgical Fellowship experience in the care of injured patients, to promote excellence in surgical care of trauma patients and to advocate on behalf of severe trauma patients and the surgeons who care for them. Many surgeons have contributions to make to the care of the injured as described in the Constitution of the ANZTS. The executive committees of both societies recognised the potential benefits of the two organisations working together to achieve the objectives of both. The full MOU between the Australian & New Zealand Trauma Society and ANZAST can be viewed HERE.

The care of trauma patients is becoming increasingly sophisticated and complex. With increasing numbers of survivors, outcome reporting is shifting from mortality rates to the measurement of morbidity and functional gains, highlighting the importance of specialist team management within the continuum of care. Each team member contributes in various ways to the survival, recovery and rehabilitation of trauma patients. From the acute inpatient phase through to community reintegration; every clinician has an important role to play. Joining the Australian & New Zealand Trauma Society (ANZTS) offers clinicians from all areas of practice a forum to share information, improve knowledge, enhance care and contribute to a professional body dedicated to trauma. This is an excellent opportunity for a group of professionals with diverse skills, but a common interest, to come together to help shape the management and outcomes of trauma patients.