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The ANZTS Communications Committee will provide oversight for communicating with its members and external media through developing, updating and monitoring communications policies, social networking accounts, and electronic discussion groups; as well as responding to external media opportunities and recommending new ways for the ANZTS to communicate with its members.

Melissa Webb


The ANZTS Conference Committee continues as the key group to organise, co-ordinate and develop the annual conference.

President Elect

Corporate Governance

The Corporate Governance Committee’s role is to identify and develop structures and principles, which determine the responsibilities of the ANZTS board necessary to ensure optimal functioning and organisational transparency. These include policies, practices and decisions to ensure these align with the interest of all stakeholders. Additionally, a sub-group has been convened to ensure financial reviews, planning and budget management is undertaken in line with organisational obligations.



The Education Committee provides advice to the ANZTS Board on education requirements and opportunities. The key focus is in developing, providing and disseminating inter-professional, collaborative trauma education that is relevant and accessible to ANZTS members and the broader trauma community.

Co-Chair TBA


The aim of the Registry Committee is to develop a support network for registry staff, and to establish guidelines to support trauma registry practices that include establishment (formation), maintaining, evaluating and reporting. The work of the Registry Committee may extend to developing roles and pathways for registry staff identifying education requirements, establishing standards and recommendations of KPIs.

Adam Mahoney